Gabriela Rivera-Velázquez

UX Designer
Web Designer
Visual Designer
Grand Rapids

I'm a UX Designer born and raised in Puerto Rico, but living in Grand Rapids, MI. Design is my passion because I can help people by improving their experiences with the digital world.

UX Designer with experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, Material Design, jQuery, and AngularJS. As a UX Designer, I also possess wireframing and prototyping skills using tools like Adobe, Figma, and Sketch. I've also dedicated some time to Wordpress front-end development. I want to keep expanding my knowledge in the technology industry, especially in software and design. The constant undertaking of challenges motivates me to pursue new and different ways to make myself grow personally and professionally. I believe in economic and social growth by creating and/or re-designing products of high quality.


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