Thiago Motta França

Lead Designer
UI/UX Designer
Brand Designer
Creative Director
Visual Developer
Dallas, TX USA

UX/UI Designer, Art Director from Belo Horizonte 🇧🇷, making it happen in Dallas 🇺🇸.

User interface and experience designer, born in Brazil, based in Dallas.

In my 10+ years of experience, I have worked for a large spectrum of clients and industries, ranging from small, boutique-style clients, to top Fortune 500 companies.

I am a technology aficionado. I strive to learn the latest tools and envision how I could use those, to help our clients achieve their goals with the most efficient and straightforward approach.

My previous experiences in Advertising, Marketing, and Branding gives me the expertise to have a broader vision of the challenges our clients may face. I try to keep up to all the trends to know when to use them, and when to break them.

My biggest design inspirations are Massimo Vignelli, for the structure and clarity, and Oscar Niemeyer, for his creativity and the curves from his work. Originality and systematization are paramount for what I strive for my work.


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